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Lighting Installation

For all of your lighting installation and maintenance needs in Victoria, Langford & Sooke

The lighting in a room can make all the difference when it comes to safety, comfort, and atmosphere.  We’re here to help provide expert advice as well, if you’re finding it difficult to decide on the right placement and type of lighting to go in.  Our qualified professionals make the process easy and quick for you, while ensuring that everything is wired in safely.  At Potter Electric, we provide a range of indoor and outdoor lighting services for your residential or commercial projects.


As part of these services, we offer LED lighting upgrades to help you increase efficiency while choosing from a wide range of product options to meet the precise look and feel that you’re going for.  LEDs use about one tenth the amount of energy as traditional incandescent bulbs, while lasting many times longer before needing to be replaced.  Therefore, LED lighting upgrades are an excellent investment for any household or building.


Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior lighting solutions, we can help.  We’re experienced in working with all types of settings and rooms, including kitchen and bathroom upgrades.  We can help with any interior or exterior lighting projects.  Get in touch with us to get started!

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