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EV Charging Installations

Get your EV charger installed quickly and easily in Victoria, Langford & Sooke

Are you ready to get your EV charger installed?  At Potter Electric, we are experienced and reliable when it comes to getting your charger in place and ready to use.  Our electrical professionals are well versed in working with all levels of chargers, from Tesla chargers to ChargePoint Home Flex, and everything in between.


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular around the world, as a part of people’s efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, while saving money on fuel and car maintenance.  Having your own charger at home provides the most convenient and cost effective way of keeping your electric vehicle charged.


We’re here to help you at any stage of the process, whether you’re thinking about purchasing a charger, or already have one that’s ready to be installed.  Our expert advice can make it easier for you to make decisions and understand what your options are for taking your next steps.


Check out BC Hydro’s EV charger rebate program to learn about the incentives that await you in setting up your charger at home or in workplaces.


Get in touch with us today to get your EV charger installed and ready to use!

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